“Hybrid Speed Boost could revolutionise operations for small businesses that may currently be struggling with the required bandwidth to process large files, access cloud services or use HD video.”

Chris Sims

Managing Director, BT

“Hybrid Broadband will make surfing the web easier for more than one million Finnish households. It supports multiple users and makes it easier to watch TV, even in HD. In Pori, for example, only about one in ten homes has been able to get fast and reliable fixed broadband from Telia, but the new hybrid network will enable nearly every household in the city to watch elite league ice hockey.”

Kalle Muhonen

Head of Connectivity, Telia Finland

Our primary focus is to utilise the leading edge capabilities of GO’s fixed and mobile networks to offer innovative services such as immediate provisioning, backup services, wireless internet and faster internet access over the converged hybrid network.”

Joseph Attard