Software quality assurance (QA) engineer

  • Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  • Junior to senior
  • R&D & Operations

What you’ll do

As a Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, you will be in charge of challenging testing activities on our solutions. Your challenge will be to find and prevent weaknesses, bugs, etc. before customers hit them.

  • You create and maintain automated tests for all features of our products.
  • You lead the definition of test strategies and test plan.
  • You are responsible to organize test cycles and execute end-to-end tests where your razor-sharp eye for detail will identify bugs in early stage.
  • You contribute to improve our process and will be key in realizing one of our core values: Excellence.
  • You help ensure that Tessares software offers 99.999% availability to our customers

In that mission, Tessares will help you with the following assets :

  • The team: As part of the testing team, you will partipate in a continuous feedback loop (e.g. through peer reviewing).
  • The experience: You will work in close interaction with major contributors to the Multipath TCP protocol and implementation.
  • A great testing environment: Tired of always struggling for finding the right cable ? Or accessing that lab that is no longer available due to a previous check that messed it up completely ? Or realizing that you cannot reproduce that annoying bug given you have not the right hardware for that ? Maybe some or all of this sounds familiar to you. At Tessares, we ensure that you get the right stuff at the right moment, we listen to your needs, and we together plan for continuous improvement.
  • Yourself: As a recent start-up, we will be eager to receive input from you and strive to reach ever more ambitious objectives. Together.

Useful knowledge you have

We all need to be fluent in English, both written and spoken. For testing, we currently use the Jenkins CI server, bash scripts, and libcheck (for C unit testing). This is clearly subject to evolution, hopefully with your brilliant input ! In order to understand what you test, and maybe what to test, it will be good that you master TCP/IP protocols.

Do you feel Tessares compatible ?

In a start up, it is important that the team has cohesion, with each collaborator nicely complementing others, while still sharing Company values. We also decided to adopt an agile framework (with continuous integration, automated testing, peer reviews). You will have frequent interactions with other specialists, and will enjoy varied activities. Our customers will be in Europe and outside of Europe, you will have the opportunity to meet them to better understand their needs. You won’t be strictly confined into your role, and will have the opportunity to move within the company as it grows and your interests evolve.


In addition to providing a motivating working environment, we offer an attractive salary package in accordance with your seniority level.

After some time with us, you may even receive stock options, so that you can get your share of Tessares success !